sento twin towel rail – stainless steel

$ 60

VAT Inclusive


Your towels spend 99 percent of the of the day on the rack and just 1 percent drying you off – don’t you owe it to them to make sure they’re comfortable on the Blomus Sento Twin Towel Rail? Stacking towels on a stand or shelf or piling them together on a hook after they’ve been used doesn’t provide the proper ventilation that the towels need to fully dry between uses, leading to a musty smell that requires washing sooner and shortens the overall life of the towels. This twin bar offers plenty of room to space towels out and help keep them from piling up and aiding in air flow for a long clean-smelling life. Made with a plastic and stainless steel construction that you can fashion to suit your personal tastes with a choice of finish, this rail is both strong and attractive with a clean look that is right at home in your contemporary bathroom.
Height: 7 cm, width: 50 cm; depth: 8.5 cm

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