tutti frutti bowl – yellow

$ 950

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TUTTI FRUTTI GLASS BOWLnThe fact that the TUTTI FRUTTI glass bowl is “living fruitâ€ should be taken literally. When designing this unusual object, Stani Jan Borowski took into account the wilting in nature and thus practically brought the bowl to life. The irregular coloring of the fruit shows that it has already passed the peak of ripeness. In addition, a small, colorful frog has chosen the leaf as a place to sit. A fruity, cheerful bowl that tells a little story about growth and decay in nature.nnEXCEPTIONAL AND VERSATILEnPresent your fruit, sweets, flowers, plants or scented soaps in this bowl, because they automatically become an eye-catcher. The TUTTI FRUTTI glass bowl decorates dining tables, receptions, kitchens or bathrooms.nnTHE PROPERTY FEATURES AT A GLANCE:nHeight: 34 cmnLength: 25 cmnWidth: 23 cmnMaterials: mouth-blown glass

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